Pasta Térmica Coolaboratory Liquid Pro 100% Metal Líquido

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Coollaboratory Liquid Pro

Coollaboratory Liquid Pro is the first heat conducting medium, which is worthy of its name. It is the first heat conduction paste that consists of 100% liquid metal alloy. It is liquid at room temperature (like mercury), but it is absolutly nontoxic and has a high moistening ability for several materials. The Coollaboratory Liquid Pro is especially recommend for nickel-plated copper.


Coollaboratory Liquid Pro contain no non-metallic additives (like silicone, oxides etc.) at all. It also does not contain any solid particles. Due to these properties, Coollaboratory Liquid Pro surpasses the best high performance heat conducting pastes by a multiple. 


The Coollaboratory Liquid Pro is represented in retail- and the bulk package at the worldwide market. The retail package included beside the Liquid Pro a printed manual and a cleaning set.


Coollaboratory Liquid Pro got since its publication over 35 awards worldwide and represents the absolute reference of heat conduction pastes in the high-end market besides the productsLiquid Ultra und Liquid MetalPad. We have collected and linked all tests for you. Read the impressions objective tester and assure yourself of the fact of the quality and capacity of the Coollaboratory Liquid Pro heat conduction paste

Important: Exclusively the ORIGINAL Coollaboratory Liquid Pro offers all characteristics applied by us. Please do not confound it with products of other offerer, even if optics or composition appears similar. The Coollaboratory Liquid Pro is not sold among other names and also is not passed on to third to the sale under other names.

Such offers are not the ORIGINAL Coollaboratory Liquid Pro and that could be more aggressive to various metals. Likewise alternative pastes were partially offered with fewer contents, without an added manual, blister package, grinding pad, cleaning tissues and cotton buds.

Therefore please make sure that you have acquired the ORIGINAL Coollaboratory Liquid Pro. If you should not be sure whether your acquired product is the original, please contact the dealer, in order to let confirm this. For further inquiries we are also at your disposal by our form for contact.

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R$ 249,99 R$ 199,99
até 12x de R$ 16,66 sem juros
ou R$ 173,99 via Boleto Bancário
Comprar Estoque: 30 dias úteis
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