Memória RAM Team T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 32GB 2x16GB 7200Mhz

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Team Desktop Memory
Team Desktop Memory

RGB Colors & 120° Ultra-Wide Lighting

Modeled after a stealth aircraft, the T-FORCE DELTA RGB DDR5 delivers a refreshing visual experience and continues to offer the 120° ultra-wide lighting and clean geometric silhouette found in the DELTA RGB DDR4.

Team Desktop Memory

Supports Intel XMP3.0 for One-Click Overclocking

Supports the latest Intel XMP3.0 and one-click overclocking technology; users can experience ultra-fast overclocking speeds at a single click.

Team Desktop Memory

Power Management ICs (PMICs) with Strengthened Cooling Design, Equipped for Stable, Efficient Power Usage

DELTA RGB DDR5 is equipped with professional thermally conductive silicon, reinforced PMIC cooling design, and effective, stable PMIC operations, minimizing noise interference and ensuring stable, efficient power distribution across all components for fast, reliable power supply.

Team Desktop Memory

On-die ECC for System Stability

The DELTA RGB DDR5 memory supports on-die ECC, which offers error correction and detection to ensure that system stability is not compromised for performance.

Team Desktop Memory

High-Quality ICs Selected for Stability & Reliability

TEAMGROUP has selected a high-quality IC that has undergone comprehensive compatibility and reliability testing to ensure a gaming memory that delivers both stability and compatibility.

Team Desktop MemoryTeam Desktop Memory


Module Type DDR5 288 Pin Unbuffered DIMM
Frequency 6400 6200 6000
Capacity 16GB x2 16GB x2 16GB x2
Latency 40-40-40-84 38-38-38-78 38-38-38-78
Data Transfer Bandwidth 51,200 MB/s
(PC5 51200)
49,600 MB/s
(PC5 49600)
48,000 MB/s
(PC5 48000)
Voltage 1.35V 1.25V 1.25V
Compatibility Intel: Z690
Dimensions 46.1(H) x 144.2(L) x 7(W)mm
Warranty Lifetime warranty

* The frequency and stability of the overclocking memory when automatic reading of the overclocking value (XMP or D.Q.C.P) is turned on will vary depending on the difference between the motherboard and CPU.
* We reserve the right to modify product specifications without prior notice.

Team Desktop Memory

T-FORCE is TEAM force. The red "T" represents TEAMGROUP’s passion for the storage products. The black "F" represents TEAMGROUP's over 18 years of dedication to storage products. Since we released T-FORCE gaming product line in 2016, we have won multiple product design awards, for example, iF design award, Computex d&i award, Golden Pin design award and Taiwan Excellence. The high quality and extreme performance gaming products from TEAMGROUP allow all gamers to break the speed limit and enjoy the ever-changing world of gaming.

Team Desktop Memory

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R$ 4.699,99 R$ 3.999,99
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