HD WD Red Pro 20TB 7200 RPM 6.0GBps 512MB Cache

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Brand WD
Series Red Pro
Model WD201KFGX
Interface  SATA 6.0Gb/s
Capacity 20TB
Recording Technology CMR
RPM  7200 RPM
Cache  512MB
Features 3D Active Balance Plus
Our enhanced dual-plane balance control technology significantly improves the overall drive performance and reliability. Hard drives that are not properly balanced may cause excessive vibration and noise in a multi-drive system, reduce the hard drive life span, and degrade the performance over time.

Error Recovery Prevention
Built specifically for RAID and NAS environments, WD Red Pro drives come equipped with error recovery controls as part of NASware 3.0 technology to help reduce drive fallout in RAID applications.

Extended Drive Testing
A NAS environment that has up to 24 bays is very demanding on a hard drive with added vibration and heat. This is why every WD Red Pro drive is shipped with extended thermal cycle burn-in testing to help ensure each drive is tested for extended reliable operation.

Desktop drives vs. WD Red Pro
Do right by your NAS and choose the drive purpose-built for NAS with an array of features to help preserve your data and maintain optimum performance. Take the following into consideration when choosing a hard drive for your NAS:
- Compatibility: Unlike desktop drives, these drives are specifically tested for compatibility with NAS systems for optimum performance.
- Reliability: The always-on environment of a NAS or RAID is a hot one, and desktop drives aren't typically designed and tested under those conditions like WD Red Pro drives are.
- Error Recovery Controls: WD Red Pro NAS hard drives are specifically designed with RAID error recovery control to help reduce failures within the NAS system.
- Noise and Vibration Protection: Designed to operate solo, desktop drives typically offer little or no protection from the noise and vibration present in a multi-drive system. WD Red Pro drives are designed to thrive in multi-bay NAS system environments.
Usage Enterprise NAS Hard Drives
Form Factor  3.5"
Height (maximum) 26.10mm
Width (maximum) 101.60mm
Length (maximum) 147.00mm

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R$ 6.499,99 R$ 4.599,99
até 12x de R$ 383,33 sem juros
ou R$ 4.001,99 via Boleto Bancário
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